The Right to Forget

Everyone is bestowed with certain rights. Some of these rights are enshrined in the constitution of the State which includes, right to life, right to freedom of speech, among others. These rights [...]

The River Lied

Buried, on a River I sailed, Espoused to rebounding hope. An unfamiliar path I transverse, destination dreamed. Currents of bad odour, I conquered With toil tearing at my skin As Leviathan rocked [...]


I am currently in the toilet writing this note. I have been here for up to ten minutes doing nothing. All I am doing now is to wish away the temptation waiting for me behind the door. Here is how [...]

What Have We Become?

Reflecting on these modern times, I cannot but wonder… what have we become? A glance at the front pages of newspapers drives away delight from the heart. The papers are filled with gory stories [...]


The voice on the phone, The picture on the wall, Strangers’ footsteps in the dark, My shadow beside me, The knock on the door, The raindrops on my lips, The bird in my sight, You, I wish it was. [...]

The Unplanned Meeting

I closed from work one day and decided to go to a fast food restaurant to pick a snack to eat so that when I get home, I would not have any need to cook as I was tired at that moment. When I [...]

Redeeming the Future

Just a few decades ago, before the advent of and proliferation of the internet, satellite television and rap music, respect was the order of the day as people, young and old alike, seldom used [...]

Words are Impotent

Muddy is my mind, I cannot sleep. Heavy is my heart, I cannot dream. Twisted is my stomach, I cannot eat. “Words are impotent” Even from my lips?   My desire to grow, Obscure to many. My [...]

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