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Experience Anthony Onugba

Manuscript Editing

I edit various forms of writing. This includes literary manuscript, academic and corporate works, among others. In addition, as a result of my background in film, I offer movie script analysis and editing solutions.


What would you like to publish? ePUB or PDF eBooks? Paper back? Book app? Whatever it is, you are in safe hands.

Website Design

Whatever the category, you need a website. Affordability and professionalism are not taken for granted in the website design service. This is targeted at individuals, writers, corporate bodies, schools, restaurants, NGOs, among others.


Mentoring other writers and aspiring writers is a delight and source of great joy. The mentoring programme is uniquely designed to achieve great results. Give it a try. Contact me.

Books by Anthony Onugba

Below are a couple of books by Anthony Onugba. You can hover over any of the images and click on the arrow to read more or to purchase.



Short Stories


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