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Anthony Onugba is a project management professional with experience spanning from the creative, ICT, and development sectors. He has coordinated projects with funders such as OSIWA, European Union, German Embassy (Abuja), Ford Foundation, Mercy Corps Nigeria, Perspectivity (Holland), MacArthur Foundation, Culture at Work Africa, among others. He also consults for various Non-Governmental Organizations and facilitates workshops on Conflict Management and Prevention, Leadership, communication, Peacebuilding, Creative Writing and Film.

Anthony has also worked in several organisations. These include AIICO Insurance PLC, ChamsSwitch Limited (a subsidiary of CHAMS PLC), Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, and the African Writers Development Trust (AWDT). He holds a certificate in film production and directing, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), project management, and computer studies.

Anthony is the Founder of Writers Space Africa (WSA) and the African Writers Development Trust, which he currently runs. He is the brain behind the annual African Writers Conference and the annual African Writers Awards. He is a multi-genre writer with works spanning poetry, prose, drama, and children’s literature. He has authored seven books which include Mixed Emotions (2005), Reflections (2010), The Chronicle of Christ (2011), Amanda’s Crime (2015), and Lavender Tales of the Summit (2021). Some of his articles have been published in national newspapers and on his website.

Anthony is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors (Abuja Chapter). He is an animal and nature lover and a star-gazer. He loves to walk in the rain, kiss animals and go mountaineering.


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Lavender: Tales of the Summit
This is a poetry chapbook written by Anthony Onugba. It is available for free download.
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The police is daunted with criminal cases, and then comes a new police officer, Amanda, with the tenacity, capacity and intelligence to put criminals behind bars. She solves cases but is unable to solve the matters of her heart.
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The Chronicle of Christ details the life of Jesus from birth to his baptism. It features some of the hidden moments in his life and also brings to the forefront the plot by Lucifer and his army to avert the birth of the Messiah and plunge the world into chaos.
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Reflections is a collection of my most cherished poems about love and life. These poems cover a variety of the emotions we experience daily, such as love, hate, despair, fear, and sadness, among others. Although some of the poems are my experiences, they are applicable to all who have emotions or are going through some form of emotional crisis, as it would be a relief to know we are all connected through the emotions we share.
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Finding and keeping love is everyone’s dream and Darien is lucky to have found one who truly loves him; but will his choices in all aspects of life help him keep his one true love or will his perception of love ruin him utterly?
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Three Men and a Bottle is a collection of 33 short stories and 3 poems that speak to the heart and inculcate worthwhile ethical values and morals.

Some Blog Posts

Janet’s Wager

He watched via video call from a foreign country, as Janet, his fiancée’s sister, went into the room where his fiancée laid. She was in her mum’s private hospital, her entire body wrapped in [...]

Thick Man and Quin

He moved everything into the fully lit room but did not go in with her. He spread a duvet over the table and then went out. He returned, carrying her in his arms. He laid her on the duvet and [...]

Dream Lover

It began like every other day for her. She would wake at 5, feed her dog, do some exercises, make chai to take to work, go to work, return home in the evening, eat junk, feed her dog, watch a [...]


I am currently in the toilet writing this note. I have been in the toilet now for up to ten minutes trying to wish away what is waiting for me behind the door. Here is how it all began. It was a [...]

I Wish I Could Cry

I wish I could cry To rinse this pain I feel I wish I could cry To heal the scars within I wish I could cry.   I wish I could talk But distant ears have been I wish I could talk No one cares [...]


They were at the bank of the Zambezi River. She stood, arms folded and face turned away. He was on two knees, apologising, promising never to cheat again. In the past, she had believed him but [...]

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Upcoming Events

Anthony will be attending the following events this year:

The 4th Writers Mingle – Alliance Francaise Dar es Salaam – October 2021

The 4th African Writers Conference – University of Dar – October 2021

The Book Awards – Lusaka – November 2021



  • Anthony Onugba is a writer whose humble and calm exterior belies a fiery pen. I love reading (and commentating on) Anthony's poems especially because of the depth of symbolism, form and style he deploys. As an organiser, Anthony is one per excellence as is evidenced in his leadership role in organizing the debut African Writer Conference at Abuja, Nigeria and the next edition which will hold at Nairobi, Kenya.

    Kolabomi Adeko
    Kolabomi Adeko Nigeria
  • Anthony Onugba is a brilliant writer whose work 'Darien' had me captivated till the last page!

    Nahida Esmail
    Nahida Esmail Tanzania
  • Onugba's thirst for written word and poetry is enough evidence that it's already a new dawn for Africa in the literature scene! I wish any aspiring writer and poet would look up to people like Anthony, truly, it could be a new song for us all.

    Faith Mutheu
    Faith Mutheu Kenya
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